Why Hydroponic Gardening?





Organic produce is becoming an obligation for the Food & Beverage industry.  Often, it is the deciding factor in the millennial generation. Not to mention, its healthier.





 Locally sourced goods is quickly becoming the future for the millennial generation.  On site procurement will follow swiftly with hydroponics being the best option.





In an age of conscious consumerism, customers need to feel good about their purchases. Providing truly local and truly organic good, allows those customers to feel great.

Hydroponic Garden Management


Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic gardening, though but has only recently been woven into the fabric of small scale farming. Growing hydroponically is the future of gardening as it is low cost, highly efficient, and the most sustainable way to garden.  

Crop Customization

Hydroponic gardening allows for easily customizable crop selection.  Customizable and chef selected crops allow F&B teams to explore culinary options and establish a position of leadership in their industry driving forward new ideas an innovation.  

Crop Rotation Scheduling

Our Hydroponics expert works alongside chefs to determine the exact crop rotation schedule suited to meet their needs.  Whether it is short turn around micro greens or full cycle heads of kale, we develop the blend that works best for you.


Can Hydroponics really be organic?

Yes. To be considered organic, plants must be grown free of chemical additives, growth hormones, or artificial pesticides.  Additionally, it requires purified reverse osmosis water to ensure there is nothing laced in the water. Our systems utilize organic nutrients and RO water. 

What about daily watering? Is it wasteful? 

Our re-circulating system requires weekly nutrient and reservoir exchange with no need for daily watering.  Additionally, as it recirculates the water, it eliminates the need to drain keeping the gardening space clean and tidy.