Sustainabily Re-Defining

 "Farm-to-Table" by locally sourcing fresh products on site.


Sustainabily Re-Defining

 "Farm-to-Table" by locally sourcing fresh products on site.


What We Do

Live Bee Removal & relocation


We remove honeybee colonies in every situation without pesticides or harmful chemicals.  Call us for pricing or check out out Rescue & Relocation page.

Beehive Management


Whether it is a single colony in your back yard, 10 colonies on your company property, 50 in your grove, or 1000 colonies in your fields.  We will compassionately and efficiently manage your apiary with love and respect for the bees and our planet.

Bee Leaf USA



Through onsite biomimicry, pairing natural beekeeping and organic gardening, we are able to provide ethical and environmental solutions while reducing the carbon footprint of hospitality companies.

Social Responsibility


Social responsibility is no longer a privilege, it is an obligation. Educating society by demonstrating sustainable practices in the workplace allows companies to do their part in the protection of the future.



A part of our vision is empowering everyone to do what they can do help build up our planet and shine their light to the world.  We encourage the integration of honeybees into normal life understanding the magnificence of honeybees and their silent contribution to our lives. 

About Us


What We Do

Bee Leaf USA is an environmental program that designs, implements and maintains client customized solutions, pairing  natural beekeeping practices and organic hydroponic gardens in your urban setting that is tailored to the needs of your business.  


Apiary Management

Using biomimicry and natural beekeeping practices, Bee Leaf USAs enable hospitality oriented businesses, schools, distilleries, and breweries to locally source raw, organic honey, honeycomb, and honeybee byproducts with a sustainable apiary management program focused on honeybee health and conservation.


Organic Hydroponic Gardening

Bee Leaf USA enables free thinking chefs, brewers, distillers, and mixologists the ability to source hand picked specialty produce needed for their unique menu experiences, dishes, spirits, and edible works of art.  From exotic purple basil to pineapple mint to rainbow mix micro greens, we help  get the FRESHEST possible produce sourced from their location. 


Rescue. Relocate. Revive.

Our Live Bee Removal Team is trained to know honeybee behavior and minimize the damage and risk to both the bees and our clients property.  This training allows them to carefully, compassionately, and thoroughly remove bees from any location.  

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