Bee Leaf Educational Goals

Our Goal...

Bee Leaf USA understands the power and repercussions of educating clients, their customers, and the general public about the importance of living in planetary alignment with honeybees. In a interconnected planet, we must develop an organic connection to the natural world and the repercussions of our actions.  

Through a cloudy world of distractions, shedding light the on the global bee crisis and how we can help is important to us.  The long term solution is a massive shift in thinking towards bees eliminating the negative stimga classically associated with bees, and replacing it with a mentality of gratitude and appreciation for the hardest working creatures on the planet. 

Over time, we want to see the beekeeping industry shift out of a commercial structure where one beekeeper controls 60,000 hives to a grassroots structure with 60,000 beekeepers with one hive each. 


Areas of Focus

Honey Bee Offerings

Classroom Education at Monarch Elementary

Institutional Education

Bee Leaf USA, alongside elementary level school teachers, design relevant courses for their students that aid the teachers specific lesson plans.  From the importance of pollination to the honeybee life cycle to honey production, we can cover all the basics making teachers lives as sweet as honey!


Corporate Education

Bee Leaf USA understands the synergy between efficienct business practices and the functions of a productive honeybee colony. Each requires prompt and effective modes communication, a respected authority and organizational structure, plus the overall cooperation between workers to  in order to create something much larger than the individual. 


Community Education

Expanding our cause and its roots into the community is the fastest way to create positive change. Some places we will share knowlegde in 2019...

  • Public Bee Sanctury Tours
  • BEECAUSE Fundraising Events
  • Public & Private Beekeeping Lessons
  • Client Locations, Breweries, Distilleries
  • San Diego County Fair

Educational Partnerships


Elementary Education

To us, the youth IS the future and our human responsibility is to leave the the planet with a brighter future than we had.  For this reason, Bee Leaf USA partners with schools of all sizes to open doors to education that typically don't exist.  

Monarch Elementary - an inner city school for the underprivileged is partnered with the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina.  The hotel, home to a sustainable honey bee program, is a platform to teach students about the environmental impacts of urban beekeeping and doing your share.

Collegiate Data Retrieval

Research pushes the limits of human comprehension and knowledge.  This growth is slowed as the collecting of relevant facts takes significant time.  By creating a relationship with the UCSD Entomology Department, we can expedite their research in support of honey bees.

Client Packages

Educational offerings are a key to Bee Leaf Apiary and Organic Garden Management programs.  As a result, we bundle specific educational offerings for clients at no added cost.  

Bee'coming a Partner

We encourage those with educational goals to reach out with inquiries.  Let us know how we can help!