Bee Leaf USA

Bee Leaf USA, an environmentally conscious company, designs, implements and maintains sustainable programs that pairs natural beekeeping practices and organic hydroponic gardens in urban settings.  We add support and pave pathways to utilize, promote, and monetize, the locally procured honey and garden produce.

The worldwide trend towards environmental awareness and health conscious sustainability has provided substantial foundation for the marketability of locally sourced, small batch, organic products that concurrently rebuild the environment uplift the planet.  Using biomimicry and marrying natural beekeeping with organic gardening does exactly that.  

Concept – The Bee Leaf USA concept was developed in the Summer of 2015 when Travis Wolfe created a program dedicated to redefining "Farm to Table" trend in the colorful world of food & beverage by locally sourcing honey on site.  

Mission statements – Similar to a honeybee colony, we encourage and expect all the members of our global hive to do their fair share and spread their gifts to ensure the healthy and sustainable growth for future generations. 

Our goal is to build bridges and encourage harmony between humans and the our planets natural ecosystem through providing magical avenues for everyone, no matter how large or small, to shine their light and bee involved in natural beekeeping and organic gardening.  

As leaders in global trends, we provide environmental programs for the hospitality industry to easily and efficiently, source goods on site, while demonstrating the mutually beneficial relationships, which activate the community, associated with the program. 

Executive Team:

President & Founder - Travis Wolfe - Beekeeper

Director of Hive Operations - Queen Bee

Director of Hydroponics - Travis Wagner - International Hydroponics Expert

Why Rescued Bees?

Best Friend Bees is a humane honeybee removal company that opts for live rescue and relocation to the isolated sanctuary, in lieu of extermination.  Focused "Keeping Compassionately" in this age of extermination, the company rehabilitates and introduces gentle genetics to rescued hives creating healthy honey producing colonies.

Bee Leaf USA sources its docile,  honey producing, rescued hives from Best Friend Bees.