Residential Beekeeping

Residential Beekeeping Services

Our Full Service Backyard Beekeeping Program and Residential Beekeeping Services are designed to provide residents with all the benefits of keeping happy healthy bees without the learning curve to get there.  Each of our three programs are built with a number of options and is designed to suit YOU.  

The Queens Care

Our most comprehensive service package is built for a Queen.  It comes with everything needed to harbor bees safely and successfully.  It is ideal for anyone that wants to experience the full benefits of beekeeping while rebuilding our environment with out the burden of the work.  If you know you want bees but travel frequently or simply don't have the time to fully dive into beekeeping, we got you covered! 

Included in the Queens Care Package is:

- Rumplestone Beehive Stand

- Custom Colored 10 Frame Langstroth Beehive

- 1st Year Docile Queen and Established Colony 

- All required Equipment for Honey Production

- Installation in a locally compliant location

Queens Care Comprehensive Maintenance:

- Monthly inspections with corrective action when necessary

- "The Queens Report" indicating the status, health, and overall condition of your hive and the colony including pictures

- Integrated pest management techniques & non-toxic immunization treatments

- Providing food stores in the event nectar flow slows and pollen presence is minimal.

- Annual re-queening (per requirement from most local authorities).

- Assistance in hive registration, labeling, and beekeeping compliance

- Guarantee the bees will not swarm off under our control, otherwise we will replace them free of charge

- Monitoring of honey production and honey harvest timelines

- Honey and beeswax processing

- Ability to shadow and learn from the inspection specialist – Specialist will build the inspection schedule with yourself to ensure both parties are available

The Basic Bee

Our Basic Bee package is great for those on a budget or those not interested in making a large investment. It provides the minimal equipment and minimal maintenance. 

Included in the Basic Bee is:

- Generic Hive Stand

- 10 Frame Langstroth Beehive

- Healthy 1st Year Queen and Established Colony

- Installation in a location compliant with your local regulations.

Monthly Maintenance:

- Monthly Inspections with Basic Bee Report on each hives health

- Recommendations of next steps for optimal performance and associated cost

***The Basic Bee does NOT include corrective action nor the necessary equipment.  Equipment and corrective action is the responsibility of the owner***